Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hero Questions

      1. Hero is an art movie because of the colour being displayed throughout the film and how it changes into more beautiful colours in different scenes. One example could be when Nameless, Snow and Broken Sword were in the library and the colour scheme was mostly blues and whites, and then it turned into the original colours in a different scene. Another reason why I think that this movie is an art movie was because of the detail in the rain, and the water when Broken Sword and Nameless were jumping on it. Most normal movies would not put that much detail into the rain and make it the main focus in some scenes.

      2. I think the director made this movie for everyone that wants to watch it because it has a story line to it, but it still has art movie aspects to it. I also think they made it for everyone because it shows an aspect of love, and everybody likes love movies.

      3. I didn't like this movie. I thought it was unrealistic and boring. Yes, it had some cool things in it, such as the rain, but overall it was not a movie I would ever watch again. Contradictory to my last sentence in question two, I thought the love between Snow and Broken Sword was unnecessary and irrelevant to the overall plot. It made me laugh when the people were fighting because all you could hear was grunting and they were flying, which was very unrealistic. Also, the fact that they could walk and jump on water all of a sudden was particularly frustrating, considering they are not Jesus Christ. I also doubt that the King of Qin could actually figure out the entire assassination plan if it was real life, because let's be real here, it was fairly complicated. Another reason why I strongly disliked this movie was the fact that Nameless did not kill the King. What was the point of the movie if he didn't end assassinating him, and then dying for absolutely no reason at all. Moon was just an annoying character and she was also irrelevant in the entire movie, my question throughout it all was: "Why does she keep coming into this?".

      4. Zhang Yimou used colours to emphasize life and sadness in the combat scene on the lake, I chose this scene  because it has pretty colours even if it's doltish and unrealistic. Some of the colours used in it were shades of blue, green, and some white. The white was to represent Snow, because Snow is obviously white unless there is some dog pee or mud mixed in, and it was to represent her life. The blues and greens are to represent the sadness that Broken Sword is feeling.

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