Friday, 27 March 2015

Brainstorming for Art Movie

Baby going down steps
the metropolis video steps could be the steps the baby is going down
guy screaming
baby down stairs
mom crying
random rain layer i can add in to make it sad because the baby is gonna die
guy screaming again
baby falling down the stairs
actually show something falling down the stairs in metropolis because why not
the end of it can end with MOLOCH! because once again why not
BUT, to make it artsy, the deadman video thing could be looking over the files of the murder that happened to the baby so you're kind of like, whats going on?

Starts off with Metropolis video factory working fine, man screams and then you can see a baby falling down the steps. Then, the word Moloch pops up and a different man screams, the mother is crying, the baby falls down the stairs again and then the man screeches again, ends with MOLOCH!

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