Friday, 20 February 2015

Reflection - Memories in My Skin


Memories in My Skin

By: Maddy White


I used some more technical steps while completing this assignment. Some of the steps I had used for an example, was; changing the opacity of the images and doing layer blends. 

Idea or Concept:

The ideas I had used in my work was heartbreak that sometimes people feel. They were related to how I felt as a child, up until now. I had not used some of the pictures I was originally, going to use, but that is okay, because if I would have added the pictures I took out, the product would be messy and crammed in together. Which would make the overall image look not very well done. 


I do not have any influences for my work, I just kind of went with what looks good with each other and "went with the flow". 


Once again, just like stated above, I didn't have a composition I don't feel like. I went with what my instincts told me, and I just kind of decided which goes where by how well it blended.


The motivation for my piece of work was just to kind of let go of my emotions I've kept bottled in for all these years. Something about letting go of my emotions in this piece of artwork was really relieving for me because I've kept it in for so long. 

Critical Assessment:

I believe my work could have been better, it was hard for me to blend the light pictures into the dark background and turn it into a dark colour scheme, because my work was created from dark emotions and feelings.

I also believe I could have done a better job because some of my pictures are the same size, even when I had tried to re-size them.

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