Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Memories in My Skin - Writing

-My first concert (5SOS)
-My very first friend
-New York
-starting high school

My Very First Friend

My very first friend, who had lived three doors down from me and our parents were friends, which is how we had met. I have known him since I was two years old, and he was the closest person to me after my grandma had passed away in grade three, up until eighth grade. In grade eight we had still talked a little bit, but in the summer going into grade nine, he and I had just stopped talking all together. It's kind of strange how someone who is your best friend and whom you love so much can just turn into a stranger with a snap of two fingers. At this time, at the end of grade eight and all through the summer, I was picked on by some of the girls in my class. I had never told anyone about this, besides him, because it had been going on since grade six. I trusted him with my entire life, and we had made a promise to always stay friends, and be there for each other forever. It's funny how even the person closest to you can break promises so important to you, but maybe not as important to them. We talk occasionally now and then, when we see each other in the halls we will say hello, but I don't know who he even is anymore. The only memories I have of him were from when we were little and would sneak out of the house in the middle of the night and go into my tree house and just talk for hours on end, even though we both knew that we could have gotten in major trouble. Sometimes when I was sad I would just sit outside all alone on my deck, and even if I didn't talk to him about it, because no kids had cellphones or Facebook or anything back then, he would still come outside and comfort me, because that was the thing about us; we knew when we needed each other. I wonder if he knows that I need him now.

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