Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Animation Reflection


I learned how to animate, as I didn't know how to before


I turned my ball into a flower, because I really like flowers and I thought it would be cool to experiment on it.


No one influenced me for this project.


My eyes seem to travel wherever the ball drops, they also look at the background because I thought I made the clouds pretty and realistic.


My motivation for this assignment was wanting to try something new, I had never animated before this so I wanted to complete this task to prove to myself that you can do something if you have your mind set on it.


I think the most successful part of this assignment was the squish when my ball hit the ground and there was some cute little sound effects. No parts of this process surprised me, I found it sometimes tricky, however. If I had additional time, I would possibly make it longer, and make my flower more realistic.

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